Tattoo Studio Success: How to Encourage Client Referrals and Increase Business

Published | May 16, 2023

As a tattoo studio owner, you know the importance of attracting new clients to keep your business thriving. But have you ever thought about the goldmine right under your nose? That’s right; we’re talking about referrals from your existing customers! In this post, we’ll explore how you can turn your happy customers into referral-generating machines and keep a steady flow of new clients coming through your doors. Ready to unlock the secret to referral success? Let’s dive in!

client referrals for your tattoo studio
Tattoo Studio Success: How to Encourage Client Referrals and Increase Business 2

Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

To turn your customers into referral machines, give them top-notch service. Make them feel comfortable, welcomed, and valued when they walk in. Go above and beyond in providing a clean, safe, and professional environment. Happy customers are likelier to refer their friends and family to your studio. So, ensure your clients leave your studio feeling great about their experience and excited to share it with others. Offer personalized consultations, follow strict hygiene protocols, and create a welcoming ambiance to make your customers feel at ease.

Create a Client Referral Program 

Incentivize your customers to spread the word about your tattoo studio by creating a referral program. Offer rewards like discounts, freebies, or exclusive event access for successful client referrals. Make it easy for them to refer by providing referral cards, social media sharing tools, or a dedicated referral page on your website. Remember to promote your referral program in-store, on your website, and across your social media channels so your clients know about it and feel motivated to participate. Continuously evaluate the success of your referral program and adjust the incentives or promotion strategies as needed.

Utilize Social Media for Client Referrals

Leverage the power of social media to encourage referrals. Share your customers’ testimonials, photos of their tattoos, and stories about their experiences at your studio. Create shareable content, like contests or giveaways, that incentivizes your followers to tag their friends and spread the word. If used strategically, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be powerful tools for generating client referrals. Engage with your audience by replying to their comments, sharing user-generated content, and providing exclusive offers to your followers.

Offer an Amazing Referral Experience

When a new client comes in through a referral, make their experience one to remember. Acknowledge the person who referred them and express gratitude for their recommendation. Offer a special welcome, like a discount or a small gift, to make the referred client feel appreciated. This will create a positive impression and encourage the referred client to refer others in the future.

Maintain Relationships with Your Clients

Keep the lines of communication open with your clients, even after their appointments. Send follow-up emails or texts to check on their tattoo’s healing process and ensure they’re satisfied with their experience. Use this opportunity to remind them about your referral program and encourage them to refer their friends. Building strong relationships with your clients is crucial for fostering a referral culture in your studio.

Train Your Staff to Encourage Client Referrals

Get your team on board and turn them into referral ambassadors. Train them to recognize opportunities to ask for client referrals during client interactions. Ensure they’re familiar with the referral program and its benefits, so they can confidently promote it to customers. Your staff plays a critical role in creating a referral-friendly atmosphere at your studio. Encourage open communication among your team members, discuss referral strategies during staff meetings, and recognize employees who generate successful client referrals.


In a nutshell, the key to getting your tattoo shop’s customers to bring in referrals lies in providing exceptional experiences, creating a well-structured referral program, and keeping your clients engaged. By following these tips and strategies, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and keep a steady stream of new clients coming through your doors.

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