Security Best Practices

Privacy and security are things that we value, and you should too.

We provide a secure environment for your account, but the security of your account and the privacy of your customer data is your responsibility.

It’s important to keep your account information safe, secure, and private. If you take the right steps, you can secure your account from unwanted access, and keep your customer data private. Here are some quick and easy ways to protect your account:

Keep Your Account Private

Your account contains all of your customer records. Never allow anyone else to use your account.

Use a Randomly Generated Unique Password

Do not to use the same password on multiple accounts across the internet. The best passwords are difficult, if not impossible to remember. We strongly recommend using a password manager for all of your accounts.

Know Which Devices You Are Signed In On

You can access your account across many Mobile devices. Your device remains logged into your account automatically upon startup without a password requirement. You are responsible for your account security and any actions by others while they are on your account.

Change the Default Pass Codes in Studio Settings

Change the default pass codes for both “Admin” and “Staff”.

Keep the admin pass code private. It protects your Shop Settings and account information. It keeps everyone else from doing anything but creating new release forms.

The Staff pass code is in place to prevent customers from looking up other customer information. It is there to enable your staff to assist customers in completing forms.