Studio Settings

Studio settings contain your basic studio information that appears on your completed PDF forms, such as your shop address, phone, email address, and website. To add or change your studio’s information, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Studio Settings section within the app settings.

  2. Enter your studio information in the designated fields.

  3. To replace the default tattoo studio logo, tap “Replace Logo” and select your desired logo from your photo library.

  4. To reset the logo back to the default, tap “Reset Logo.”

  5. Add or delete staff members by typing their name into the “Add Staff” field, then tapping “Add Staff” or selecting a staff member from the list and tapping “Delete Staff.”

  6. Set an admin and staff passcode for secure access to certain areas of the app.

  7. You can disable the staff passcode if it suits your shop’s workflow. But use this option with caution if your customers have unattended access to your shop’s devices.

  8. Once you have finalized your studio settings, tap “Save.”