Return Client Release Form

Creating a release form for return clients is essential to maintaining accurate records and ensuring a smooth experience for your returning customers. Tattoo Studio Pro streamlines this process by pre-filling information from previous visits. This article will guide you through creating a return customer release form using Tattoo Studio Pro.

  1. Access the return client form: From the start screen, tap “Return Client.” Enter the staff passcode on the lookup page.

  2. Search for the customer: Search for the customer using their first name, last name, email address, or phone number.

  3. Select the client: Tap the client’s name from the search results.

  4. Review the pre-filled information: On the “Information” page, you’ll see the client’s details pre-filled from their previous visit. If the ID needs updating, tap “Update Photo ID” to access the camera page. If everything is accurate, tap “Continue.”

  5. Complete the health questionnaire: On the “Health” page, the client’s allergies from their previous visit are pre-filled. If there are any changes, update the information. Otherwise, tap “Continue.”

  6. Choose the type of work: Select the type of work being done.

  7. Review the legal waiver: The client reads the release and taps “Agree and Sign.”

  8. Add the client’s signature: The client signs the form on the signature page and taps “Accept.”

  9. Staff intervention: The staff member enters their passcode.

  10. Finalize the form: On the “Staff” page, choose the artist performing the work and the staff member who checked the ID. Enter a price, select the payment method, and add any notes. If required, add the staff signature.

  11. Save the form: Tap “Save Form to PDF” to generate the completed form.

Following these steps, you can efficiently create and manage return customer release forms using Tattoo Studio Pro, streamlining your business processes and improving the client experience.