Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really get unlimited forms?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of forms you can create. Your subscription also provides unlimited cloud storage for those forms.

I only do piercings. Can I use Tattoo Studio?

Of course! Tattoo Studio creates paperless forms for tattoos and body piercing.

Can I use more than one device?

Yes. If you have a busy shop you can use as many as you need up to 5 (officially supported by Apple) to keep your counter moving quickly.

Can I download and print my forms?

Yes. The release forms are saved as PDF files that can be downloaded, saved, and printed at any time.

Is Tattoo Studio good for traveling artists?

Yes. It is great for those who travel for guest spots and conventions. The app will run on your mobile phone so you can get signed release forms anywhere you work.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Tattoo Studio is designed to always keep your client database in sync across all of your devices and to automatically back up your data.

Can I use my account in multiple shops?

No. Each location requires an account. If you have more than one shop you’ll need an account for each location.

Is my customer data secure?

Yes. Your account, customer database, and all related files are secured using industry-standard encryption while at rest on the servers and in transit. See our Documentation to find out how to keep your account safe.

What happens to my forms if I cancel?

The forms you create are always yours. You will still have access to your account if your subscription is canceled for the purpose of accessing, downloading, or printing forms. You just can’t make any new forms until you renew that subscription.

Are you guys really from the tattoo industry?

Yes. This app was created by current and former shop owners and tattoo artists.

Do I still need to check ID?

Yes. You should verify your customer’s ID for every form.