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How Tattoo Studio Pro is elevating the business of body art at Steel & Ink Studio in St. Louis.

Steel and Ink Studio

Meet Brandie Medina, owner of Steel & Ink.

Brandie and Shaun Medina, Steel and Ink Studio

Steel & Ink Studio isn’t just another tattoo shop; it’s a sanctuary for art and self-expression located in St. Louis, Missouri. With nearly 15 years in the community and 24 years of industry experience, owner Brandie Medina has seen it all.

“I started my own studio when I was 28. It was a lot different back then, especially for a woman in the industry.” says Brandie. She’s built a haven with her husband, Shaun, that’s not only artistically top-tier but also a safe, drug-free environment that she is proud of.

The challenges faced by Steel & Ink.

When Brandie first set up shop in 2009, she had to overcome legal hurdles just to open her doors. “When I came here, it was actually illegal to tattoo in this area,” she recalls. But the challenges didn’t stop there. As business picked up, so did the paperwork. “Business started to get really busy and pretty hectic, and the system we had for paperwork wasn’t doing it for us. We just needed something better.” Brandie explains. The studio juggled multiple apps for release forms, bookings, client management, and financial reports, making the process inefficient and cumbersome.

“The system we had for paperwork wasn’t doing it for us. We just needed something better.”

Brandie Medina

Owner, Steel & Ink Studio

Why Tattoo Studio Pro?

After experimenting with a myriad of different systems and juggling multiple apps for various tasks, Steel & Ink Studio finally found the comprehensive solution they had been searching for in Tattoo Studio Pro. “You have been the most efficient app for us.” Brandie enthusiastically praises. The software’s all-in-one functionality did more than just simplify the overwhelming paperwork that was bogging down the studio. It also brought a new level of ease to managing client information, from initial consultations to completed projects and all of the documentation that’s involved. This holistic approach to studio management has been a game-changer for Steel & Ink, allowing Brandie and her staff to focus more on their art and their clients rather than getting lost in administrative tasks.

Making the switch.

Steel and Ink Studio

Switching to a new system can often be a nerve-wracking experience, filled with uncertainties and potential hiccups. However, for Steel & Ink Studio, the transition to Tattoo Studio Pro was surprisingly smooth and straightforward. “I thought the setup would be a little bit harder, but we got the hang of it and it’s made it so much easier to run our business,” Brandie stated. This smooth onboarding process was a relief for everyone involved, from the artists to the administrative staff. The studio has now fully integrated Tattoo Studio Pro into their daily operations, utilizing a few iPads that are accessible for clients, artists, and front-desk staff. The ease of use has made Tattoo Studio Pro an indispensable tool in the studio’s day to day operations.

“My favorite part of the app is the ease of use. Everything’s right there for you in one place.”

Brandie Medina

Owner, Steel & Ink Studio

Features that make a difference.

Tattoo Studio Pro offers features that are both artist and client-friendly. “My favorite part of the app is the ease of use,” says Brandie. Clients can quickly complete necessary forms, and artists can easily keep track of the supplies and inks they use. “Everything’s right there for you in one place. So, as an owner, it makes documenting everything super easy,” she adds. This comprehensive approach to studio management not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the overall client experience, making each visit to the studio more enjoyable and efficient.

Steel and Ink Studio

The results are undeniable.

Steel and Ink Studio

The impact of Tattoo Studio Pro on Steel & Ink Studio has been transformative. “It’s definitely created a smoother process,” Brandie notes. The studio has seen a significant reduction in administrative time, an increase in client satisfaction, and easier record-keeping, essential for compliance and legal reasons. This has allowed the team to focus more on their artistry and client relationships, further solidifying Steel & Ink Studio’s reputation as a leader in the industry.

“Thank you for developing Tattoo Studio Pro and making my life so much easier!”

Brandie Medina

Owner, Steel & Ink Studio

Customer support experience.

When it comes to customer support, Brandie has nothing but praise for Tattoo Studio Pro’s team. “If we have an issue, you’re quick with bringing a resolution fast, and we are grateful for that.” she says. Brandie’s feedback even led to software improvements, enhancing the performance and overall functionality of Tattoo Studio Pro.

Steel and Ink Studio

Advice for other studios.

Steel and Ink Studio

For those on the fence about going digital, Brandie has some words of wisdom. She understands that switching platforms can be a daunting task, but she encourages people to take the plunge. She says that it is worth it in the end and that people should step up to Tattoo Studio Pro as soon as possible and start using it. Brandie believes that digital systems can make people’s lives easier and more efficient, and she encourages people to give it a try.

“Changing systems is a little intimidating in the beginning, but it’s worth it. I’d set that baby up today and run with it.” Brandie encourages.

Steel & Ink Studio’s journey with Tattoo Studio Pro is a testament to how the right software can elevate both the art and business of tattooing. “Thank you for developing Tattoo Studio Pro and making my life so much easier!” Brandie gratefully states.

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