The Tattoo Studio Guide to
Shop Ownership & Operations

This course is designed to guide tattoo artists and piercers through the journey of becoming successful studio owners and managers. It emphasizes practical skills, industry-specific knowledge, and real-world strategies to ensure participants are well-equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities of running their own tattoo studios.

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Recruiting and Hiring the Right Team for Your Tattoo Studio


For a tattoo studio to flourish, it requires more than just exceptional artists; it needs a team that synergizes creatively and professionally. The process of assembling this team is a blend of art and strategy, requiring a keen eye for talent and an understanding of how each member will contribute to the studio’s culture and goals.

Identifying Roles and Skills

Begin by defining the roles your studio needs. These may include tattoo artists, apprentices, front desk personnel, and a studio manager. Each role demands specific skills. For artists, it’s not just about artistic talent but also about their specialization in certain styles, customer service skills, and their ability to adhere to health and safety standards.

The Interview Process

When interviewing potential team members, delve deeper than their portfolio. A candidate’s portfolio might be impressive, but how they interact with clients, handle feedback, and fit into your studio’s culture are equally crucial. Look for candidates who are not only skilled but also enthusiastic, open to learning, and aligned with your studio’s ethos.

Evaluating Fit for Studio Culture

The cultural fit is paramount. Your studio’s environment is a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and client interaction. Candidates should complement and enhance this environment. Consider how they interact with other team members, their approach to client service, and their overall professional attitude.

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Valuing Diversity

Diversity in your team can be a significant asset. Different backgrounds and artistic styles bring a richness and variety to your studio that can appeal to a broader client base. This diversity fosters creativity and can be a source of inspiration and learning for the entire team.

Making Informed Decisions

Take your time with the hiring process. Rushed decisions can lead to mismatches that disrupt the studio’s environment and workflow. Trust your instincts but also consider feedback from other team members, especially if they will be working closely with the new hire.

The Onboarding Process

Once a new member is hired, a thorough onboarding process is essential. This should cover not only the technical aspects of their job but also introduce them to the studio’s culture, expectations, and team dynamics.


Hiring and Leading a Team


Streamlining Studio Operations


Expanding Services and Growth Strategies


Sustaining and Evolving Your Tattoo Business